Family Lunch

Family lunch at La Capanna

Family lunch at La Capanna

On 2 March 2013, my cousin Nick Cowdery and I hosted an Extended Family Lunch to launch my book, Fifteen Generations of the Rowland Family at La Capanna in Cobham Surrey. Some 60 family members attended.

Extended Family Lunch 2 March 2013-Attendees

La Capanna 48 High Street Cobham Surrey


Richard Rowland

Ben and Cassie Johnnie & Arthur Rowland

Philip and Eva Kristina & Vicky Rowland

Richard and Tessa Bonser

Sally Rowland

Bob and Pennie Astbury

Mike and Mary Rowland


Nick and Anya Cowdery

Edward and Janine & William Cowdery

James and Julia Lily & Caitlin Cowdery

Margaret Pollard

David and Annette Pollard


Miriam Mawle and Hugo

Hamish Goldie Scott

Jean Harris

Robin Harris

Caroline Harris

Simon Exley

Mary Cherry

Anna Cherry

Paul Cherry

Michael and Angela Mawle

Paul and Phyllis Self


Martin and Elizabeth Gibbs

Philip and Melanie Gibbs

Patrick Gibbs

Simon and Hilary Oliver & Clarissa  Nicholls

Mike and Bel Georgia & Brittany Gibbs


Simon and Rachel Luke & Alexander Curtis

2 thoughts on “Family Lunch

  1. Rachel Curtis

    Dear Richard,
    Thank you so very much for organising the Rowland Family Tree gathering – it was wonderful to meet everyone. (The children had a great time too in their own dining area!)
    What a fantastic thing you have done for us all – well done for all your hard work.A big thank you from us.
    Best wishes to you all who were able to make the meal (and to those who were not able to make it!)
    Rachel, Simon, Luke and Alexander Curtis (Adcock)

  2. Vanessa Goldie-Scot

    Hi Rachel

    It’s Vanessa Goldie-Scot here, from Australia. I moved to Sydney from Scotland 12 years ago and have never had a moment’s regret. I hope you and your family love it here as much as we do!
    I still enjoy researching my family roots and when I do go back to the UK that is what I do. Haven’t Richard and co. done a great job!
    All the best

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