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  1. Miriam Mawle

    Dear Richard,
    In the spirit of adding information to your family tree I can at least add my own details and those of John’s as follows: Tree 20; My maiden name was Miriam Anschel, born 27.05.47 and I married John on 11.06.82, widowed 07.09.03.
    John’s full name was John Wetherall Mawle and he was born on 24.06.27 and died on 07.09.03. His first wife, Marion’s surname was King, I don’t have her dates.

    I have asked each of John’s children to provide details of their families, however if for one reason or another you don’t hear from them I can help.

    Best wishes

    1. Richard Post author

      Thanks for this info-I hope to get a lot like this. Do you think I should post your comment on the site-or just store the info for an update. In the spirit of the website I think it should be the former-although I will have to get used to this form of public exposure.
      All best

      1. Miriam Mawle

        Dear Richard,
        Not sure what is for the best.
        Somehow I think it will be a question of you asking individuals to complete some sort of questionnaire as it is quite difficult to supply dates etc on a blank sheet and direct requests are more likely to be answered.
        Best wishes

        1. Richard Post author

          Thanks Miriam
          There are many possibilities; my views:
          Where there are errors/omissions/new events etc, I would ask readers to let me know,either by a post on the website (probably best since it will avoid duplication) or by email or snail mail (if it is easier to print off the relevant page of the tree and mark it up).
          Where readers want to provide more historic info, so that the trees can be conformed with birth/marriage/death dates etc I think I would encourage a relevant family member to do this, and email or snail mail the relevant marked up pages (quite easy to download and print from the Excel spreadsheets), and put a post on the website about it to avoid duplication!
          All best

  2. George Clarke

    Entry regarding Sally Rowland formerly of the NHS, Norwich, Norfolk, England. Perhaps you can help me? I have been searching for sometime for a good friend of mine Sally Rowland of Norwich, she retired from the NHS in 2002 lived at 94 Park Lane, parents were Anne and Brian Rowland (both deceased). I have lost touch with Sally, we last saw here about 15-16 years ago in the UK but we have moved a few times and think she may have also. I met Sally in New Zealand in 1980 where she was visiting her brother Brian and I was visiting my cousin who shared a house with Brian. I’d love to know if Sally is still alive, where she might be if she is etc. If you can help in anyway even to forward my name and email address to Sally it would be appreciated. Regards.

    1. Roger Hygate

      Dear Richard Rowland
      I hope this reaches you. I am researching St.Peter’sChurch Flushing, Mylor where Rev.W.J.Rowland was curate. Do you have any photos of St.Peters and the Rev during his time there ? Also Fox Cottage was in Flushing but I cannot trace exactly where it is, do you have ay record ? There was a vicarage next to St.P in Flushing and I believed it was of that use by 1870.

      Anything additional you have of his time here would be of great interest.

      Many thanks Roger Hygate

  3. Jacky Fogerty

    Dear Mr Rowland, I was thrilled today to find your site and will certainly buy a copy of your book for my mother. Thank you so much for all your wonderful research.

    I was very pleased to see that the research I have done so far myself matches so well with yours, although I had not traced the family back beyond William Rowland.

    I am a great granddaughter of Percy Fritz Rowland, son of Frederick Arthur Alexander Rowland, son of Alexander William Rowland. You may already know that P F Rowland (as he preferred to be called) emigrated to Australia and has many descendants here. He was Headmaster at Townsville Grammar, North Queensland, has an entry in the Australian Dictionary of Biography and a short biography written by Anne McKay, Percy Fritz Rowland, University of North Queensland, 1974. He wrote a number of books and won prizes at Oxford.

    We have a public tree on which sets out details of this family (Fogerty/Milfull tree, owner mgjames192) and has copies of a number of birth, baptism and marriage certificates as well as BDM Index entries, photos, letters and other records. It has a lot of material on it but I can print out and post some key information if you would be interested.

    In relation to your family tree of Frederick Arthur Alexander’s descendants, my grandmother (born Marian Laflin Rowland) corresponded with her aunts in England until they died, kept their photos and was very definite that none of P F Rowland’s siblings had children. In fact only Percy and Alton married, and Alton died childless in Canada. I do have some family information on Ethel Theresa called “Cissie”, who is listed on your tree as marrying and having children, but would prefer not to discuss it publicly in case I offend any people who believe they are descended from her. There was another Ethel T Rowland about the same age as her listed in the Census, which may account for the confusion.

    I would be really keen to have any further information you may have about Henrietta Margaretta Monica Ditges, wife of Alexander William Rowland, in particular about her parents and family background. My uncle John Rowland Milfull (now retired) was Professor of German and Dean of European Studies at the University of New South Wales and we have both tried without success to follow up this German connection for some time.

    I really look forward to keeping up with your research, and the many P F Rowland descendants in Australia will be excited to hear about it. Thanks so much again. Jacky Fogerty, Canberra, Australia

  4. Jacky Fogerty

    Dear Mr Rowland, Thank you again for your wonderful research and especially for so generously making it publicly available.

    As flagged in my previous comment, my uncle Professor John Rowland Milfull was very interested in the information on the Ditges family in Honnef am Rhein and found a Wikipedia entry in German that mentions them (the entry on Bischofshof Honnef). I have roughly transliterated it here in case you are interested, as the onsite translation facility is not very good.

    There is an old photo of the Ditges residence Bischofshof Honnef (formerly a residence of the Archbishop of Cologne) in the Wikipedia entry, and on the Campus Bad Honnef site my uncle found a new photo of the buildings in their role as the IUBH School of Business and Management, Bad Honnef campus. Apparently the Ditges family were responsible for much of the restoration in neo-Gothic style, including the tower.

    Wikipedia entry on Bischofshof Honnef, former residence of Ditges family
    “The castle-like structure of the former St. Anno Trade School includes a tower from the middle ages. The building was formerly a residence of the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Cologne. It had its own court of justice and was the site of a struggle for local power between the Archbishop of Cologne and the Lords of Loewenburg.

    After secularization in 1826, it was purchased by the Ditges family of Cologne, who extended the building, rebuilt the tower in neo-gothic style and used it as a boarding house. In 1927 the Christian Brothers established a trade school there, which closed in 1987. More recent extensions were removed during conversion to the current college (the IUBH School of Business and Management).
    Reference: Karl Guenter Advertisers, Bad Honnef am Rhein in Old Views, vol 2, ISBN 978-90-288-6625-6, p 63”
    Very rough transliteration from the German language entry – Source: (as at November 2013)

    I am particularly interested in the women of the family, so thought I would mention in reference to your remark that you have not had a chance to research date of death for Alexander Rowland’s unmarried daughter Elizabeth Ann, that dates of death and ages at death are listed for his daughters and other family members on the monumental inscription for the family in the south wall of St Mary Lewisham. I do not have a photo of the inscription, but the text is available on the Kent Archaeological Society site and I have pasted it here, reference included.

    The inscription states that Elizabeth Ann Rowland died on 30 October 1852: the only matching Death Index reference is for Hove Brighton district so I assume she died at the Rowland’s Brighton residence.

    Rowland burials St Mary Lewisham Kent England – Monumental inscription
    ” 624. [607]. Renascentur in te Domine speravi. Sacred to the memory of Alexander ROWLAND, died December 16, 1823 aged 75. Sophia, wife of J.H. Rowland, died Jan. 12, 1849, aged 31. Alex. Fredk., son of A.W. Rowland, died Jan. 26, 1849, aged 8. Elizabeth, wife of A. Rowland, died Sept. 22 1850, aged 72. Henrietta Ditges (of Cologne), wife of A.W. Rowland, died May 20, 1851, aged 32. Sarah, relict of the first-named A. Rowland, died June 30, 1851, aged 77. Elizabeth Ann Rowland died 30 Oct., 1852 aged 34 years. Rebecca ROWLAND died Oct. 14, 1855 aged 32 years. Alexander Rowland died July 13, 1861, aged 78 years. Sarah, relict of the late James WESTON, Esq. and eldest daughter of the above, died 27 Nov., 1868 aged 52. Alex. Willm., eldest son of the above A. Rowland died 27 June, 1869. Sophia Rowland died Oct. 6, 1882, aged 63 years. Below, this coat: Or, 3 pales – Nil desperandum.”
    Source: Kent Archaeogical Society website, Monumental Inscriptions of St Mary’s Lewisham page (as at Nov 2013)

    Also, on a very minor tangential point, the Sarah living with Alexander Rowland at Rosenthal in the 1851 Census was not his daughter Sarah Weston, who in both the 1841 and 1851 Censuses was living at 81 Blackfriars Rd Christchurch Southwark with her husband James Weston cement manufacturer and servants. James died on 7 July 1860 and probate was granted on 23 July 1860 to his widow Sarah of 26 Mecklenburgh Square. The Sarah living with Alexander in 1851 was possibly his sister Sarah, although I think that despite being listed as “sister”, it may be his stepmother (formerly Sarah Slade) who died at Lewisham that year, as from memory the age matched hers.

    However this is a very minor point and I may be quite wrong. I am very keen to share information about the Rowland women (and the men!) with anybody who has it.

    Once again, thank you for all your hard work and for chasing down so much irreplaceable information from so many family members. Please could you let me know how to buy a copy of your book, my elderly mother would really treasure it (as would the rest of the family!).

    Thank you so much, very best regards, Jacky Fogerty

  5. Jacky Fogerty

    Dear Richard, Thanks so much for your kind replies to my email. Here are a few paragraphs about Frederick Arthur Alexander Rowland (son of Alexander William Rowland and brother of Rev William John) as suggested.

    Frederick Arthur Alexander Rowland was admitted as a solicitor on Dec 20 1871 and mostly practised from 14 Clement’s Inn. He seems to have fallen out with his family in 1869 when he married a servant girl, Catherine Laflin, daughter of Suffolk farm bailiff Abraham Laflin, at St Clement Dane’s (23 August 1869, bride’s name is given as Kate Laflin). We are very grateful that he did do the decent thing and marry her, as Percy Fritz Rowland, my great-grandfather, was born very soon afterwards.

    He did however, at least in the early 1870s, act in some cases for the family, eg in the sale of Rowland assets, and I have some advertisements and legal proceedings attached to my tree on Ancestry.

    FAA Rowland and Catherine had three boys and three girls, but the family was very quickly in financial trouble. FAA seems to have inherited his family’s exuberance and wide ranging interests without the finances to support them. He may also have incurred litigation costs as he was personally involved in at least two cases, one relating to alleged fraud by a clerk for the solicitors acting for Alexander William Rowland’s estate, of which I have a transcript, and another as plaintiff in relation to the estate of Anton Leo, for which I have recently put in a request with UK National Archives.

    He is first in the London Gazette relating to a liquidation of his assets in relation to bankruptcy proceedings on 19 August 1879, but seems to have avoided bankruptcy on that occasion. There may have been other issues in the intervening period which I have not been able to track down, apart from a couple of partnership dissolutions, but on 12 April 1894 he was declared bankrupt.

    At that point he permanently disappears from the Law Lists (and from the Census as you say until 1911, when he is a retired solicitor living in Suffolk; in 1901 he is elusive but Catherine is visiting her sister in law Alice Marion Hart). He does not seem to have a probate record, although his wife does, which suggests to me that he never got his affairs onto a sound footing again.

    My own theory is that his wife was quietly given money by FAA Rowland’s siblings to support the family. They certainly seem to have traded down into progressively more modest rented country houses in Suffolk as time went on. My great grandfather PF Rowland was able to go to Oxford on scholarship but the other children do not seem to have done this. Stanley, Marion and Henrietta worked as teachers until their retirement and did not marry.

    Alton emigrated to Canada, married Emma Holland in Quebec and died there, as I understand, childless. I believe he was an accountant and the 1911 Quebec Census and 1937 California passenger lists bear this out. Ethel Theresa, who was called Cissie, was said to be somewhat feeble-minded and subject to nerves, although in the 1901 Census she is listed as a high school teacher, single, 28 and visiting her aunt Alice Marion Hart. My understanding is that she did not marry but retired to a rest home/asylum, and in 1911, ET Rowlands born Hampton Middlesex in the correct year, is listed at the City of London Asylum and Hill House.

    However, the information about Alton and Ethel Theresa was from my grandmother and siblings, who lived all their lives in Australia and were relying on correspondence with their relatives overseas, so I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has more (or different) information. There was another Ethel T Rowland about the same age in the UK Census, and more than one Alton Rowland alive at this time.

    Thank you again for your painstaking research and for making all that wonderful information public. Warm regards, Jacky Fogerty

  6. Martin Maus

    Hallo Mister Rowland,

    habe heute, (14.Juni 2014) einen Pressebericht gelesen, dass Sie in Bad Honnef waren und dort den ehemaligen Bischofshof besucht haben!
    da ich eine große Sammlung alter Postkarten besitze (mit Aufnahmen des Bischofshofes um 1900), wollte ich Ihnen diese per E-Mail gerne zusenden, dazu benötige ich aber Ihre genaue E-Mail- Adresse
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen aus Bad Honnef
    Martin Maus

  7. Claire-Juliette Beale

    Dear Richard,

    I enjoyed discovering, via your website, some information about my remote cousin Henriette de Belgarde and finding she had quite a long life! Henriette and I share as a common ancestor Jean Alexandre Paulin Niboyet who was a French consul as you indicate but also a journalist and a prolific novelist/writer (using the pen name Fortunio). He was commonly named Paulin Niboyet.

    I had heard/found out about his first marriage to Henriette’s mother via the Internet and a copy of their international divorce case…

    I am sharing some information about Henriette father’s side of the family next. Do you have by any chance a picture of her and maybe her sister Eugenie ? Or letters or documents referring to / from them?

    So here’s to sharing some information, though unfortunately it does not match what you have on this page:

    Henriette’s father was the grandson of Colonel Jean Niboyet. Jean Niboyet came from an old family from the Ardeche region of France. He received the title of “Chevalier de Bellegarde” from Napoleon 1st as a recognition of his services and valor during the revolutionary and Napoleonic wars (he was wounded at Fort de Bellegarde battle). The family has carried the title of “Baron de Bellegarde” ever since.;pz=claire+juliette;nz=beale;ocz=0;p=jean;n=niboyet;oc=40
    Thus there’s no connection with other “de Bellegarde” families.

    Jean’s son Paul, a lawyer (Paulin Niboyet’s father, and Henriette’s grand mother), was married to Eugenie Mouchon. She’s well known and studied worldwide as one of the first feminists. She was also a journalist, writer and translator.

    I hope you find this information useful if not entertaining and look forward to hearing from you.


    Claire-Juliette Beale

    1. Richard Post author

      You will find all the information I have on Rowland is Australia on this website-under my Blog which describes how Jacky Fogerty told me about the relatives of Fritz Rowland who created quite a large clan in Australia in the 19th Century-although this started after 1860. I have no information about any Rowlands in Australia before then, so I think yours must be a different Rowland family. I will send you Jacky’s email address separately so you can discuss with her

    2. Stephen

      Is this relevant? :
      “ROWLANDS, Richard Edward, collier, b. ca. 1827, Monmouth(shire?), d. Aug 1899, Australia; son of Edward ROWLANDS; m. Ann OWENS (1828-1904) daughter of David OWENS. In 1851 Richard and Ann were living at Bryn Seion Street, Dowlais, Glamorgan. Daughter: Elizabeth, b. Jun 4, 1851, Bethania Street, Dowlais. Family emigrated to Australia between 1851 and 1870.”
      There are more shown on the webpage.
      Good luck,
      Stephen Ellis Rowlands, Anglesey (Ynys Mon) , North Wales.


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