Captain Avron and the Albion

Whilst staying with my cousin Colin Pollard in Sudbury, Ontario, he showed me his file of papers on his great great grandfather Capt George Sebastian Avron (1828-?murdered 1870) and his ship the Albion. This would have traded in the North Atlantic, South Pacific, East Indies, Bermuda, Mauritius and the Red Sea, probably carrying railway materials outward and spices homewards. He worked for the Bristol City Line of Steamships Ltd.

He was the father of Edith Mary, who married John Taylor Mawle in Banbury; they were the parents of Elsie Mary who married Arthur Reginald Cowdery; so Capt Avron  is also my great great grandfather.

Colin has a painting of Capt Avron and another thought to be of the Albion by RB Spencer. It hung for many years over our grandmother’s fireplace.